Golf is a challenging sport. An average round of golf lasts about 4 and a half hour. The average length of a Golf course is approximately 7,200 yards which equates to 4.09 miles. A good golfer needs stamina, strength and focus. If you want to perform your best on the golf course, you need to work on your fitness and running is the best way to achieve the physical and mental strength you need to become a proficient golfer. You will be amazed at all the benefits that running has to offer.

It is an exercise that not only helps with your stamina but also improves the focus you need to play a four-hour-long game.

1. Increase Core strength for better form:

The core of the human body is composed of, chest muscles, oblique, lower back and lower abdomen. All these muscles enable us to carry out our daily routine activities. For an athlete, especially a golfer it is very important to have a strong core.

Now we know that the entire careers of golfers are made by their swings. A golf swing requires ample energy and strength.  A stiff body makes it hard for the golfer to swing. Regular running builds your core strength and makes your body stronger to swing the club harder.

2. Builds Confidence:

In order to excel in any sports, you need to believe in yourself. Being fit improves your confidence and you perform your best on the golf course. The majority of the golfers work-out to maintain their form. If you are unfit, you don’t just find it hard to play. You also lose the confidence to face your peers.

3. Develop an upright -posture:

There is no doubt that the posture of a runner is not only defined but also upright. Golfer’s stance plays a vital role in making or breaking his game. If he is having back issues it is going to result in poor spine health, bad posture or even early retirement. Running strengthens the lower back muscles and reduces stiffness in the back. These strengthen muscles support proper swing stance the golfer needs on the golf course

4. Get stronger Glutes

Gluteus Maximus is the biggest muscle of the body. Strong glutes mean a stronger foundation for the upper body. Regular running or similar intense cardio workouts strengthen your glutes and provide you the strength you need to swing the club. Strong glutes not only ensures a strong foundation but also help in power swing for the holes which are miles apart.

5. Significant reduction in Knee pains and injuries:

Knee injuries are not uncommon for the golfers. Even Tiger woods’ had several knee surgeries in his entire career. The knee joints play an important role in maintaining golf player’s stance, the posture and the swing.

Contrary to a popular belief, running strengthens the knee joint and other associated ligaments including the Anterior Cruciate Ligament ACL or Lateral Cruciate ligament LCL and meniscus. Healthier the knee joints, better is the posture and easier it is to swing.

6. Builds endurance:

The greatest benefit of running, not only in sports but in regular life is that it is a complete body workout and it enhances endurance. Like mentioned above, the round of golf, on an average is four hours long. You need to walk four miles while carrying your golf set and pushing a cart. In order to do this, one must have endurance and strength. Running for 15 -30 minutes every day will build your endurance and the muscles you need to maintain an upright posture to make a birdie.


Simple running exercise done regularly will break down body fat, sharpen your mind, build a great posture and strengthen your knees and glutes. It does all this while improving your strength and endurance. If you are thinking about the ways to upgrade your golf game, running is the best solution. Adding this cardio exercise to your routine can help you stay ahead of your competitors not only in golf but in every other field of sports and life.