Female MMA fighter Janaina Soares took a loss over the weekend after she was left with the biggest hematoma you’ll ever see on her forehead.  

As you can see in the picture of the aftermath of her beating, the doctors had no choice but to stop this fight.

Via BroBible:

The 30th edition of Favela Kombat fulfilled its promise to shake the city of Itaboraí, Metropolitan Region of Rio de Janeiro. The event marked the six year celebration of the organization chaired by Claudinho FK and had great fights for the audience that filled last Saturday (29) Ita Music.

In the women’s duel of the night, Vanessa Gonçalves got the better of Janaina Soares Jay in a fight that the Time to Fight athlete was superior to the entire fight. In the second round after taking heavy blows, Janaina was very injured and in the interval from the second to the third round the doctors examined and did not let the fighter return to the confrontation.

That’s the kind of injury that will have you reevaluating your future as a fighter.  You only end up looking like that after you get dominated.