Sports have changed a lot, but the spirit remains the same. The pride, loyalty, and camaraderie people feel for their favorite team is one of the most impactful things in the lives of fans. People bleed their colors, logos, and fandom of their local and favorite sports teams. Sports continue to change, but the fans are incredibly steadfast. Whether you’re a football fan, a basketball fan, or a soccer fan, below are five ways that sports fans can show love for their team.

Wear Your Colors, On Your House

One of the most unique and fun things to show your dedication to a sports team is to show your colors. Exterior home lighting in your favorite team’s colors can show off your solidarity with your favorite team–to the whole neighborhood! If you’re a Dallas Cowboys fan, these lights would be silver and blue. Boston Red Sox fans could display red, white, and blue. Las Vegas Raiders fans could show off black and white. Think of the possibilities–this could even spark some new friendships in the neighborhood as you bond with other fans, which leads us to our next point: having a barbecue.

Have a Barbecue

If you want to get people passionate about your local team, why not invite your friends to a barbecue? You can rally people around good food, good games, and good times. You can share your love for the sport, the team, and the camaraderie of it all. When you invite your friends over to share this joy, you will feel the love through your team and your friends. Who doesn’t love to barbecue and enjoy the game? Whether it’s Sunday for football or at night for basketball, barbecuing, hanging out with friends, and watching a good game is what life is all about.

Go to a Game

Of course, the obvious. Going to a game is one of the best versions of enjoying your favorite team. If you live in the city or near your favorite team, you’ve probably been to a lot of games. It’s always special, but it is even more special if you can’t go to see your favorite team play all the time. When you’re far away from your favorite team, going to a game feels like going home whether you’re going home or not. So, next time you want to show your love for your favorite team, go see a game.

Collect Memorabilia

One of sports fans’ favorite things to do is collect the memorabilia that the team has to offer. There is no end to the amount of gear you can buy from sports teams these days. You can have your whole house adorned with memorabilia, clothes, and decorations. You don’t need to spend that much to find the authentic items that you are looking for. Sports cards are popular. So are posters and banners. Jerseys can be expensive, but what about a T-shirt? Whatever you are looking for, you can find the perfect piece of merchandise that will allow you to show the pride you have in your team.

Steam Every Game

This might not be showing your love for the team as much as it is living and breathing love for your team, but die-hard fans will stream every game. This is particularly relevant to soccer fans, who often need to stay up late and find specific streams for games across the world. Or, when it comes to MLB, NHL, NBA, and NFL games, you can buy a service that provides all the games in the league, not just your favorite team’s games. When you are a bleeding-heart sports fan, you will even want to keep up with your competitors. Streaming every game is the real deal.

Sports fans don’t mess around. They are some of the most passionate people in the world because they love and care about their team. When you love a team, you tend to organize your life around it. You tend to live and breathe the game. For you, these ways to show your love for your team are just the beginning. There are so many ways to show your colors and that you are a die-hard fan.