We are pleased to announce the completion of the new basketball court at Bridgestone and Olympics in Smith Park at 25 Lehn Rd, East Hills NSW 2213. NBA professional basketball player Joe ingles came here to visit, and this public basketball court has been restored to life.

This basketball court is designed to encourage community participation in sports while promoting the Olympic spirit in East Hills. Bridgestone, a global leader in tire manufacturing and diversified solutions, has teamed up with the Olympic Games, an international multisport event, to revitalize Smith Park and create a paradise for local basketball fans.

Installation Process

The process of rebuilding a basketball court is complex and time-consuming, with each step meticulously planned and executed. First of all, it is necessary to disassemble the old basketball court surface and renovate the concrete foundation, and then design by professionals and select the most suitable basketball court surface material.

Advantages of the New Basketball Court

1.We chose ZSFloor Tech premium sports flooring material for our new basketball court. ZSFloor Tech’s professional interlocking sports floor tiles have good durability and professional sports performance, such as ball rebound and shock absorption that meet FIBA requirements. These tiles ensure that the basketball court is a seamless playing surface, eliminating any potential tripping hazards. You can check the sports company at: Sports flooring manufacturers – Highly customized service 


2. Testing prior to installation, we found that these tiles are made from high strength polypropylene and are able to withstand heavy use without losing color or shape. Even in the harsh Australian sun, the brilliant colors of the pitch remain vibrant. The tiles are designed for optimal ball bounce, much like the conditions of a professional hardwood court, which is a boon for casual players and aspiring professionals alike.


3. One of the outstanding features of this sports floor is its excellent drainage system. The mesh underneath ensures that even after a downpour, the surface remains dry and safe to play on. This feature ensures that the local community can enjoy basketball games regardless of the weather.


4. As a public basketball court, there will be people of all ages playing basketball in front of the court, so safety is always the most important thing. The floor of ZSFloor Tech has a unique shock-absorbing structure, which can reduce the impact on the players’ joints and minimize the risk of injury during the game. In addition, the texture of the floor surface enhances slip resistance.


Why Bridgestone Build This Court?

With this new court, we have created a high quality, professional standard basketball facility that will be an asset to the local community for years to come. At the same time, Bridgestone invited NBA professional basketball player Joe Ingles to visit and use the basketball court. This is a testament to Bridgestone and the Olympic Games’ commitment to promoting active lifestyles and fostering a sense of community through sport.

Smith Park’s new basketball court is more than just a place to play, it’s a place where dreams fly, friendships are forged, and the values of teamwork, tenacity and fair play are lived and celebrated. We believe this new stadium will inspire the next generation of athletes and foster the Olympic spirit at East Hills. We invite everyone to come and experience the new basketball court at Smith Park – shoot the ball, break out on the new floor, and make this court a part of their daily games and practices.