The University of Florida’s most famous cheerleader has died.

George Edmondson Jr., better known as Mr. Two Bits while riling up crowds at Florida home games for 60 years, died Tuesday at age 97, the school announced Thursday.

“George’s passion and love for the Gators produced one of college football’s enduring traditions,” Florida athletic director Scott Stricklin said in a release from the school. “The fact that Mr. Two Bits continues to this day speaks to the magnitude of his legacy at Florida. His loyalty and long-standing commitment to the Gators is a fantastic example of the passion that makes college athletics so great.”

Edmonson was born in 1922, and came to the University of Florida as a fan in the late 1940s after settling in Tampa following a stint as a fighter pilot in World War II.

It was at Florida’s season opener in 1949 against The Citadel,  that he improvised the “Two Bits” cheer that has since become indelible in Florida lore to counter boos from the home fans, who had not seen a winning season in a season not altered by war in 15 years.

Two bits!

Four bits!

Six bits!

A dollar!

All for the Gators

Edmondson officially retired from his role after the 2008 season.

He never attended Florida but was named an honorary alumnus in 2005.

He’s certainly deserves a spot in Fan Hall of Fame.

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