After calling out Khabib, Floyd Mayweather took to Instagram to get at Oscar De La Hoya. Mayweather posted a photo of De La Hoya in fishnets and high heels, and asked his followers to come up with the disrespectful caption they could think of.

Floyd’s caption on the photo said “#TBT 11yrs ago, I fought her and her name is Oscar ‘Golden Girl’ Dela Hoya. Please leave the most disrespectful caption you can think of.”

Take a look below: 

Looks like the Golden Girl, I mean Golden Boy has responded via TMZ

Oscar told TMZ Sports … he honestly believes Floyd has blown through his fortune and needs money in a bad way — and he’s trying to pick a fight with Canelo to goose him into making a deal.

Does anyone want to see Mayweather fight De La Hoya, now that I’d be down to watch.