CBD seems to be taking over the world. You can find it basically anywhere, from the internet to local stores. You’re bound to know at least someone taking CBD; if not your family members and friends, you will have heard of a celebrity using CBD.

In particular, many athletes are speaking out about their love for this cannabinoid. Football players and MMA fighters are among the top sports where athletes are becoming vocal about CBD use. But why? What benefit can CBD provide to athletes like these?

As it turns out, CBD and football could go hand in hand. There could be numerous benefits for footballers and other athletes in contact sports, who are currently in the eye of the storm as far as the opioid epidemic is concerned.

Let’s find out why football player CBD oil could soon be a big thing.

Why Could CBD Help Football Players and Athletes?

In a 2012 study from researchers at Washington University, 644 retired NFL players were assessed. 52% admitted to using opioids during their career, of which 715 admitted misuse. 7% still used opioids – this is 3x the rate of the general population.

It’s clear that there is an opioid problem in the NFL. Opioids are known to be highly addictive, which can cause problems for those in contact sports who often become seriously injured. If a player has a severe injury and begins using opioids to treat the pain, it can be incredibly difficult to stop using them.

Luckily, there may be a compound that works similarly to opioids, but without the same levels of addiction: CBD.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a compound found in hemp plants. Many studies have suggested that it could act as an anti-inflammatory, similar to many existing painkillers on the market. For example, this study from 2018, published in Frontiers in Pharmacology, notes that chronic pain is the most commonly cited reason for using medical cannabis. Although not specifically about CBD, the authors found that cannabinoids in general could be a viable option for pain treatment.

Similarly, a 2015 study discovered that applying CBD to the skin of rats reduced inflammation and arthritis pain. Although the study was conducted on animals, the results imply that CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties could be effective, particularly where topicals are concerned.

According to the World Health Organization, CBDD exhibits no potential for abuse or dependence. In other words, it’s not addictive. As a result, CBD could be a pain-relieving agent that, unlike opioids, does not cause addiction.

Some Football Players Are Already Using CBD

Already, football players have spoken out about the use of CBD. Many are championing it over the use of opioids.

Just last year, two-time Denver Broncos Super Bowl champion Terrell Davis pleaded the NFL to allow CBD. He admits to using hemp-derived CBD to treat pain, declaring that it helped him to “feel normal again.”

Davis believes in CBD so much that he has launched a brand of CBD drinks called Defy. Each bottle contains 20mg of CBD.

And he’s not alone. Ricky Williams, Rick Upchurch, Rob Gronkowski, and many more have all advocates for CBD in recent years.

Right now, the NFL has not specifically advocated for CBD. However, it has said that players will not face suspension for testing positive for THC if they have been using CBD products. Hopefully, a transition toward CBD and away from opioids is on the cards for the future.

How Are Football Players Using CBD?

There are many ways to use CBD, including tinctures and vaping. For athletes with injuries, CBD topicals from purekana seem like a viable option. A topical is a product you apply to the skin rather than ingesting, allowing it to create localized effects.

Topicals may be quicker to act and more effective than other forms since the CBD doesn’t have to go through the digestive system. Plus, there are many types of topical, allowing users to find something to suit their needs.

For football players, pain topicals could be the answer. Brands like PureKana have plenty of topicals for sale, including a menthol roll-on. The PureKana Muscle Menthol Roll-On Gel uses cooling technology to soothe the affected area as well as giving the body some CBD.

Products like this – or even the CBD Transdermal Patches – could be ideal for football players looking to treat injuries without turning to opioids.

As CBD becomes more popular and accepted, it’s likely that the NFL will finally advocate for opioid alternatives.