CBD is becoming an extremely popular supplement option for many, offering a range of potential mental and physical health benefits. CBD is not only used as a general supplement, though, with many people taking CBD flower as a pre and post-workout boost.

Studies have shown that increasing your body’s cannabinoid levels before and after a workout is thought to cause a number of potential benefits that can help you reach your fitness goals and help your body heal afterward.

The effects of using CBD as a fitness supplement have become such a popular idea that even some NFL football players are choosing to take CBD as a pre-workout boost. So, let’s take a closer look and why you might want to consider CBD supplements as an athlete and the potential benefits you might experience.

What Is CBD?

CBD is but one of the many different cannabinoids found within both hemp and cannabis plants. CBD can be extracted and used in dietary supplements on its own in the form of CBD isolate and with other cannabinoids as full-spectrum CBD.

Taking CBD on a regular basis as a general supplement helps to boost your body’s cannabinoid level, ensuring that your ECS is able to work to its full potential. Your endocannabinoid system is responsible for managing a number of functions within the body, including mood, response to pain, and inflammation. Many players will use hemp balms and salves like the ones crafted by Mana Botanics.

Why Use CBD as a Supplement?

There are many reasons why you might choose to take CBD as a supplement. Some people take CBD alongside many other supplements using it as a way to boost their cannabinoid levels as part of a healthy lifestyle. For other people, CBD is used for more targeted effects such as treating pain, managing anxiety, and helping the body to heal from injuries.

For football players, there are many potential benefits to using CBD as both a daily supplement and as a way to fuel their body before a training session. Taking CBD regularly provides the body with some of the important minerals and vitamins that it needs to repair muscles and joints after a long workout.

CBD can also give your immune system a general boost, which in turn helps to fight off illness, keeping you feeling fit and healthy ready to workout. For a football player, as well as other athletes, maintaining excellent overall health is extremely important, as even a few weeks away from training can result in some significant setbacks.

On top of that, more and more pharmacists are even recommending CBD as an alternative form of wellness and relief. The line of Elevated Wellness supplements were formulated by leading pharmacists against traditional pain medications that come with a ton of adverse side effects.

The Different Ways That CBD Can Be Used

There are all kinds of different ways that CBD can be used. For athletes such as football players, CBD topicals are a great way to target particular muscles and joints after a workout as effects are much more localized. Premium Jane is one of the many brands that offer a range of CBD topicals perfect for athletes. 

CBD topicals can be applied directly to problematic areas, only affecting that part of the body and allowing you to target the most painful areas.

Other ways to take CBD on a regular basis include CBD oil drops, CBD gummies, and CBD capsules. All three of these options are great ways to easily take CBD regularly, providing effects that can be felt across your entire body.

For those who live an extremely active lifestyle, such as NFL football players, taking CBD as a regular dietary supplement in the form of oils or edibles can be used alongside the use of CBD topicals after a long training session.

Which Famous Football Players Are Using CBD?

CBD is becoming an increasingly common topic of debate among NFL football players. Time Super Bowl champion Terrell Davis is one of the leading advocates for the use of CBD. Terrell Davis has publicly discussed his use of CBD, the non-intoxicating hemp extract supplement, and how it has benefited him.

Terrell Davis hopes that CBD will become something that is widely used among NFL players and other athletes to manage both pain and inflammation using completely natural methods. Terrell Davis is very open about the fact that he still suffers pain from injuries he sustained while playing and that CBD has helped him to feel normal again.

Terrell Davis is not the only football player to openly use CBD. Other big names in the NFL, such as Jake Plummer, Ricky Williams, and Rob Gronkowski, have opened up about how CBD has helped them. Rob Gronkowski had become a spokesman for CBD working to promote awareness of its benefits for both football players and other athletes.