Having held the 2019 Summer League at the University of Nevada, NBA chiefs could find a novel solution to ending the season at a less conventional base in the state, with Area 51 suggested by former champion Paul Pierce.

Area 51, the US Air Force base which is notorious among conspiracy theorists and UFO enthusiasts, could become the home of the NBA as a makeshift setting for the conclusion of the season, former All-Star Paul Pierce has suggested.

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Responding to a proposal by former rival Jay Williams that the remainder of the campaign could be played on cruise ships, Boston Celtics icon Pierce named the Nevada site, built in 1955 by the US and the Soviet Union to test and develop aircraft, as a potential venue.

Government officials had never publicly acknowledged the existence of the facility, which has been at the center of rumours surrounding an alien spacecraft that crashed in 1947, before former president Barack Obama mentioned Area 51 in 2013.

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