Former LSU lineman Matt Branch lost his leg in a freak accident while on a hunting trip with friends.  According to the reports, Branch was shot by a dog after it jumped on a loaded gun and caused it to fire.

Via FOX News:

Heckford said a Labrador named Tito jumped onto the truck bed, “stepped on the safety of Branch’s shotgun and pulled the trigger.” He said the 12-gauge shotgun shell tore through the side of the truck and hit Branch’s left thigh.

“In the midst of the chaos at this point, I ran over to Matt to assess what had happened,” Heckford said. “We had no clue what the damage was at this point in time.

The group called 911 and Heckford began to understand how precarious the predicament was.

“I think that’s when it hit me how serious it was,” Heckford said. “It was at that point in time I realized how much he had bled. His pants were just soaked in blood.”

He said Branch has since had his left leg amputated.

Don’t let your dogs around loaded weapons, even when the safety is on.  Talk about the wrong place at the wrong time.