Former Major League Baseball pitcher Narciso Elvira Delgado was murdered along with his son in Veracruz on Tuesday.

Elvira, 52, and his son Gustavo, 20, were shot dead by armed men traveling in two vehicles in the municipality of Medellín de Bravo.

Elvira began his career in the Mexican leagues and pitched for the Milwaukee Brewers in 1990 before playing in the professional leagues of Japan and South Korea.

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Nicknamed the “Whip from Cocuite” during his time in the Mexican leagues, he was one of only two pitchers to throw two no-hitters in a single season when he played for the Campeche Pirates in 1999.

After his retirement from baseball, Elvira returned to his hometown of Cocuite, Veracruz, where he raised cattle and produced sugar cane. 

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