“Guys used to steal signs all the time,” the Hall of Fame closer told the Tampa Bay Times. “Robin Yount and Paul Molitor were a couple of the best at stealing signs from second base, and [catcher Thurman] Munson comes out one day and says, ‘I think they’re stealing our signs.’

“I said, ‘Oh, OK.’ Munson runs back, he didn’t even say anything, we knew what to do. He called a breaking ball and I threw a fastball under Robin Yount’s chin, and I think he saw his life flash before his eyes.’’

“These (stat-driven) workouts are all eyewash. It’s a bunch of bulls–t. It’s like the Democrats are running baseball,” Gossage said. “They’re trying to control something that is uncontrollable. And they’re taking all the beauty out of the game.

“Go ahead, boys, take all the credit — fire up your computer, put in all the information and see what it comes up with. Cashman has 20 of them (guys) running around. He stops and 20 of them bump into each other.”

“I don’t need a launch angle to tell me George Brett’s ball is going to hit in the upper deck. They’re all really smart, but they have no respect for knowledge of the game. … Swinging for the fences, that uppercut (that’s so common), oh my God, if I pitched today they wouldn’t even sniff a ball.’’

Tell them how you really feel Goose. 

It’s always the older generation that comes off sounding bitter about the game. 

They’re usually just pissed about today’s exorbitant salaries. 

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