Former MLB pitcher Kevin Brown is now a vigilante.  He hid in his neighbor’s yard to catch a couple of mail thieves, who had been hitting his north Macon neighborhood.

Brown reportedly held the thieves at gunpoint until the police arrived.  

Via The Telegraph:

After several reports of stolen mail in a north Macon neighborhood, former major league pitcher Kevin Brown hid in a neighbor’s yard and waited on the thieves to strike again.

A 15-year-old and another man were arrested Wednesday afternoon outside of Brown’s multimillion-dollar home off Rivoli Downs. The mailbox was ajar as the baseball star explained the situation to four Bibb County sheriff’s deputies.

Brown, who played for the Rangers, Orioles, Marlins, Padres, Dodgers and Yankees during his career, caught the two men and held them at gunpoint until deputies arrived, according to officers at the scene.

Of course Kevin Brown has become Batman, with a gun, in retirement.  If you’re a mail thief in Macon, stay away from Kevin Brown’s mail or he’ll put together a one man sting operation to catch you.