Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon used four different left fielders in the 8th inning of Wednesday’s game against the Brewers, including two pitchers. His plan worked to perfection. 

Kyle Schwarber started the inning in left, then was replaced by relief pitcher Steve Cishek, who started the inning on the mound. Reliever Brian Duensing pitched to a hitter before taking Cishek’s spot in left. Duensing then returned to the mound as Willson Contreras finished the inning in left.

The plan might have worked out for the 8th inning, but the Cubs ended up losing the game.  Pace of play also took a big “L.”

I want to hate the move by Maddon, but I really can’t.  There’s nothing more annoying than watching a team bring in a pitcher to face just one batter.