Former MSU basketball player, Derrick Nix, criticizes Michigan State. Says “we were treated like salves I couldn’t go back to MSU and get shit”

Nix went from role player to key figure, but his time at Michigan State may have been marred by what has transpired following his playing days.

The former MSU big man took to social media to talk about the family atmosphere only working when it’s convenient,  a major problem both at MSU and around the NCAA.

He later backtracked a bit, stating that he loves Izzo and the point isn’t that getting an education was a poor price to pay for four years of college basketball.  

Former players are always regarded as “family” but when they find themselves in tough situations, their ‘family’ is not always there for them. 

That’s why the word ‘family’ is thrown around far too often. You only have one real family.  

Of course he later apologized for that tweet. 

Twitter is fantastic.