The Sunday Night with Matty Johns show on Fox Sports Australia has apologized after they aired a skit depicting Adolf Hitler as a virtual fan at an Australian NRL match, admitting the joke was “poor taste and completely unacceptable”.

As part of the ‘virtual fan’ craze currently implemented by many sports clubs in the absence of real supporters while they play fixtures behind closed doors, NRL (National Rugby League) clubs are charging fans to have their images portrayed on a cardboard cut out in the empty stands.

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In an effort to parody the idea, The Sunday Night with Matty Johns show created a mock-up with an image of Hitler on one of the cutouts at the Manly versus Canterbury match at Central Coast Stadium, which was broadcast by the station after the game.

The skit was met with shock by some fans who objected to the Nazi leader being shown on TV and deemed it to cause distress to the Jewish community, and Johns was forced to apologize, calling the sketch “poor taste and completely inappropriate” and claiming it should have never been aired.

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