On the same day Dallas Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones said the organization has communicated with Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott after a report of a party at the quarterback’s house in Prosper, Texas, on Friday that would have violated guidelines regarding the coronavirus pandemic, a frustrated Prescott issued a statement regarding the gathering.

Later Tuesday, while acknowledging the role that he plays in the public eye, Prescott also expressed frustration for the media coverage surrounding the gathering, which he said had fewer than 10 people.

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Prosper police were called to the scene but were unable to verify whether there were more than 10 people at Prescott’s home, which would have been in violation of the CDC’s social distancing guidelines as part of the fight against COVID-19.

Reports surfaced there was more than 30 people at the party, and by the looks of it, it appeared to be more than 10.

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