Phillies first year manager Gabe Kapler is just three game into his managerial career, but he is proving to be highly incompetent.  On Saturday he made a call to the bullpen without a pitcher ready in the bullpen.

In fact at the time he called for Hoby Milner, he hadn’t thrown a single pitch in the bullpen.  Kapler then stalled to give his pitcher time to get ready.  

So much for the pace of play when it comes to Kapler.  He would then burn through the rest of his available delivers in the 15-2 loss.  

This isn’t his first mind boggling decision as manager.  On Opening Day Kapler removed starter Aaron Nola with one out in the 6th inning.  Nola had only thrown 68 pitches and hadn’t allowed a run. 

The Phillies bullpen blew a 5-0 lead and lost the game 8-5.  Kapler is well on his way to being the worst manager of all-time.  

But have no worries Phillies fans, Kapler has no doubt the Phillies will end up in the postseason.