Thanks to modern technologies, we can resolve many issues without leaving your house. Online you can pay your bills, buy clothes, order food, and many more. Dating is no exception. We guess you won’t argue that it has become easier to get to know new people on the Internet. Flirt portals, matchmaking platforms, casual dating sites – they all offer a wide range of opportunities to meet your special one. Age doesn’t matter too: young people, as well as mature singles, benefit from it. Of course, many advantages can be enjoyed, but several disadvantages should not be forgotten. Let’s talk about them in our guide. 


We would like to begin with advantages:

  • The search area is significantly expanded (compared to the regular dating). You can get to know people who you would otherwise never have met. Your future wife may live thousands of miles away, and it won’t be a problem. You can follow this link and meet hot Ukrainian brides on
  • Website’s algorithms increase the chances of finding the most compatible partner. According to your preferences, people who do not fit your search criteria can be excluded beforehand, and the appropriateness of the suggested matches is significantly higher.
  • All your potential conversationalists are single. You usually don’t need to worry that the person you fall in love with is already taken, choosing a dating site.
  • More information creates a better first impression. You get lots of personal details about a person you like before chatting with her. You can’t have the same knowledge if you meet a woman in a coffee shop or elsewhere in the real world.
  • Time to make the dating decision. By communicating via the matchmaking platform, you do not have to decide to meet your conversationalist immediately. After a while of chatting, it becomes clear whether there is a mutual interest.
  • Success comes with experience. In real life, you can’t have so many conversationalists in one day. By becoming a member of a dating service, the situation is exactly the opposite. With more experience, the chances of meeting the right person one day are really high. 

And what about the disadvantages?

  • What works online may suddenly seem uninteresting offline. It is possible, you and your girlfriend won’t feel the chemistry on the first real-life date. 
  • Consumerism. You simply can’t get enough of it. No matter how beautiful and intelligent your woman is, there is always thought it’s plenty of fish in the sea. 
  • Online scams sneak their way into dating platforms. Married people or even people with intentions to get your money may hide behind a profile of a pretty smiling girl.
  • Everything stays online. Unfortunately, quite often, online relationships live only on the Web. An offline meeting might never take place.
  • Responsibility is given up. The dating site’s administrator should fix everything up. This can create passivity that prevents all undertakings in getting to know each other with a woman of your dreams.

It’s essential to use advantages and avoid disadvantages!

Choose an online dating platform where scammers have no chance. Basic rule: there are always more fraudsters on free websites. Be especially careful communicating there. 

Stay active: read profile information of ladies you are interested in. Don’t forget to reply promptly and move to a real-life meeting as soon as possible.

Disappointments are obstacles on the way to the goal. Remain optimistic and trust that one day it will work out. Bear in mind: one in three members finds a partner within a minimum search duration of one year. After two years, the success rate doubles. So be patient.