Devices or gadgets are accompanying us more and more in our daily life, work, and social life, measuring our health and even helping us to exercise. How are these new technologies associating with our bodies? And above all what does the blockchain have to do with it? In this article, some ways to use blockchain and interesting sports blockchain projects. Ok let’s go!

For starters, each year people take better care of themselves, like to go to sports clubs, stay fit, and modern technologies help them cope with this task more easily. 

For example, mini-devices that you can take with you and that provide information on loads, body condition, and other indicators – these are pedometers, fitness trackers, heart rate monitors, and biometric data.

Blockchain applications have already been created that accumulate information about the person who decided to play sports and their efforts. The user is guaranteed the confidentiality of the data stored in the application. But if a user wants to share personal training information, they will be able to earn tokens, that is, the internal currency of the network (gyms network). 

The idea is for the artificial intelligence system to analyze customer and coach data. As a result, an individual training plan can be created for each user.

But not only for gym visitors, free bitcoin app are applicable, as well as for professional athletes. The technologies will assist in the prognosis and prevention of injuries, as well as in the development of training programs, will protect athletes in training and select the ideal regimen for them. Recently, unfortunately, several scandals in Olympic athletes have been discredited without reason or for political reasons.

Blockchain also ensures honest anti-doping surveillance, creating a single base where all analysis and doping tests of all athletes are conducted. All data is stored securely and thousands of users have access to it 

Young talent development

The relatively low earnings of young athletes are another problem where technology can help. According to experts, in many sports, beginners get about 50 times less than their more experienced colleagues. Therefore, young athletes often need financial support.

Fan commitment

Now with the development of technology, any fan can become a sponsor of their favorite athletes and teams. An example of such developments are player tokens. The program motivates sports fans to participate in the life of their favorite team. Fans can buy and share player tokens in a secure blockchain environment.

Another blockchain project for sports tokenization is TokenStars, which aims to simplify and improve interaction between advertisers, athletes, and fans.

If there were no fans, then there would be no sports business itself. Fans are sources of profit – buying tickets, monetizing broadcasts, advertising – it all depends on the audience.

Therefore, a very important aspect is creating an enabling environment for sports fans. For example, the Italian soccer club Juventus announced the launch of special tokens (Official Juventus Fan Token). With the help of which fans will be able to accumulate loyalty points, receive bonuses, as well as exclusive gifts and unique items from the football club.

In addition, any club, the stars themselves, sports channels and merchandising distributors can issue their tokens, so fans can buy, for example, broadcast passes and even games, merchandise from clubs or stars.

Also, information about a fan’s activity can be stored on the blockchain network: how often he attends games, how he behaves in them, and whether he breaks the rules. And the most active can be rewarded with the same chips. 

Buying tickets is another challenge that fans often face. Sometimes you have to pay several times more than the official price to see the desired matches and competitions. To avoid such problems, platforms are created for various events where you can buy tickets on the blockchain system through smart contracts, making the ticket route easy to trace.

Since the technology is new, many industry giants continue to work the old-fashioned way, without fully understanding cryptocurrencies and their benefits. The number of projects in the field of sports and in search of a healthy lifestyle will only grows, as technology puts availability of all your greatest tributes to achieve radical changes.