Sports is something that’s never going to die. A physical activity that challenges people no matter how serious they take it is always exciting. A sport by the name of Hockey, is one that never ceases to amaze people learning it. What these players realise sooner than later is that getting the right equipment to play hockey is a nightmare. Hockey sticks in general, have many mechanisms surrounding them that you need to take into account when buying one. From checking the flexes, curves and kick points to getting the perfect one within a suitable price range is a difficult process. A process that has now been made easier for readers of this article!

It’s an obvious fact that every hockey player, no matter how new they are to the beautiful sport, have a favorite accessory by the name of a hockey stick. For amatuers of the sport, finding the right hockey stick won’t be as painful of a process as it’ll be for those who have been playing hockey for a long time. They’ll constantly be challenging themselves and looking to get better at the sport which only the right hockey stick will help them with. Knowing what hockey stick is worth buying is not easy. But I am here to help, if you or someone you know is looking to get the perfect hockey stick to help them get better at the sport, continue reading the article:

Knowing Your Hockey Stick Specifications:

I can assure you that by the end of this article, you’ll be certain of the kind of hockey stick you need. Whether it’s a right handed stick or a left handed one, knowing the stick flex and curve that suits you best is never an easy task. There are several options you’ll be able to explore once you take a look at the hockey stick market. From something light and top-of-the-line to something comparatively heavier while being mid-level, getting one that goes well with your playstyle is key. Let me answer the two most common questions asked by people who are looking to get the right hockey stick to improve their game. 

Is A Right Handed Hockey Stick Better Than A Left Handed One?

A hockey stick can be held in two ways by a hockey player. While to some this might be common knowledge, to others it won’t be. A hockey player who prefers to play with a right handed hockey stick will hold it with their left hand on top with their right hand below, while someone who has a playstyle that matches a left handed hockey stick will hold the stick with their right hand on top and left hand below it. 

There are many people who argue over whether their dominant hand should be on top of the hockey stick or below it. While a professional will tell you that people should play however they want if they are comfortable with it, you should go for the more generic option and play with your dominant hand on top for a better handling of the puck.