John Mara is attending his 62nd training camp this season. In all that time, the New York Giants co-owner has seen few rookies receive as much hype as running back Saquon Barkley.

Mara said this much hype reminds him back 37 years ago with LT

“Possibly 1981, Lawrence Taylor when he came to camp, but maybe not quite this much,” Mara said, via the team’s official website. “I mean, his jersey is already the No.1-selling jersey, he’s gotten a lot of attention. But again, I think in speaking to him and watching how he conducts himself, I think he is able to handle that, so I feel good about that. But still, you know I’ve used this line a million times before — let’s not get him ready for Canton just yet, let’s let him play some games first.”

There hasn’t been a negative word written or spoken about Barkley this offseason.

Mara said that while he gets a “little nervous” about the nearly unrealistic acclaim New York’s new favorite player has received, he believes Barkley owns the makeup to handle the praise.

“He obviously has unlimited physical skills, he’s a real fine young man, as well,” Mara said. “I think he adds a completely different dimension that maybe we haven’t had in our offense in quite some time. I do get a little nervous about all the hype since he hasn’t played a down yet, but I think he’s capable of living up to it and just [is] very mature beyond his years, I think. So, we are obviously very excited about him.”

Barkley will be the Giants’ three-down workhorse right from the jump. You can’t get nervous about this sort of thing. Trust the process.