Serge Ibaka is doing well these days.  He’s the 35th best-paid NBA player this year.
He is projected to be the 31st best-paid NBA player next year. He’ll make around $22 million next year. 

Crazy, right? Anyway, he also is earning some revenue off his YouTube channel. It’s a cooking show.  

Per the description: 

I’m up to something in the kitchen… I invited my friend Bismack Biyombo to try a surprise dish prepared by myself, the Mafuzzy Chef, in Episode 1 of “How hungry are you?”. I went to Kensington market in Toronto to buy the ingredients and prepared the secret dish in my own kitchen. How hungry is Bismack? Enough to dare to try my rare dish? – – – “How hungry are you?” is a show created by Serge Ibaka.  

This is the kind of thing you can afford to do when you’re grossly overpaid at your real job. The more power to him. He’s cooking.