New York Giants general manager Dave Gettleman revealed that he was recently diagnosed with lymphoma.  The 67 year old says the discovery was made during a routine medical checkup.


“Recently, I underwent an annual physical, during which it was discovered I have lymphoma,” Gettleman said a statement. “Over the past week, I have undergone more testing to determine the course of treatment, which is scheduled to start in the very near future.”

Of significance from the statement surrounds the optimism from medical personnel and Gettleman.

“The doctor’s outlook for the treatment and the prognosis is positive, and so am I,” Gettleman said.

Best wishes for Gettleman as he prepares to battle his lymphoma.  It’s always good to hear there’s a positive prognosis.

Gettleman’s hard ass approach has earned him plenty of enemies, but even they wouldn’t wish this type of thing on him.