According to TMZ Sports, former NBA star Gilbert Arenas has been issued a restraining order from a woman that claims she broke up with him. The women alleges that as a result Arenas is threatening to send naked photos of her and a video of them having sex to her 10-year-old son.

In addition, she says on May 23rd, after banging on her door Arenas pushed her against the wall, and demanded they have sex, and she “obliged out of fear.”

“Gilbert told me he was watching me at [my] son’s school and that he had just saw him go into class,” the woman wrote in docs filed in L.A. County Superior Court.

“He said he was waiting to get my son’s cell phone number from his son so that he could send my child naked photos of me and video of Gilbert and I having sex and video of me naked.”

The woman included text messages she claims are from Arenas … in which he says:

“Wait til u son see ur naked pictures. Imma start f*cking with your life. He has a phone right?”

She added, “When I break things off with him he becomes very vindictive so I try to oblige however he’s feeling and try to soothe him. But I am very concerned that Gilbert would harm my child and or send photos and videos to my son’s phone under the guise of someone else.”

This doesn’t sound good at all. Gilbert has always been a wild card, but this is too much. Threatening to send a kid nudes of his mother? Really?!? Arenas has been ordered to stay 100 yards from them until the next court date. so hopefully he won’t go near her, or her kid, anytime soon.