Tom Brady will be 43 years old when the season starts next year. 

And guess what, he’ll be under center starting for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 

Tom is a  six-time Super Bowl champion, and arguably, the Greatest to ever do it. 

Why is Tom considered the Greatest of All Time? 

Was it a particular moment that made him a legend? 

It’s probably his stats that have cemented him as the the greatest QB to  ever do it. 

Some might say Joe Montana or Peyton Manning are the GOAT, but “According to World Sports Network WSN“, Tom Brady is the GOAT. 

World Sports Network States that fact in their latest infographic (See Below)

Hard to argue with those numbers. 

Tom is currently trying to embark on a journey no QB has ever gone thru.  

He’ll be 45 his two year deal with the Bucs will be over. 

Not only is he already the oldest player in the league, he’s doing things no one has ever done. 

Tom is about to  suit up for his 21st season, and finally a change of scenery. 

Will his new digs separate him even more in  the discussion of the GOATs?  

No matter what happens in Tampa, Tom still has Six Rings. 

Which ties Michael Jordan, and you just know he wants another one. 

Tom is the GOAT of ALL GOATS. 

And that will probably never change.  

He does have a few sons though.  

You never know what Tom’s offspring will be l ike. 

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