After Browns defensive end Myles Garrett wrapped up Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph and took him down to the ground, the Steelers’ QB attempted to rip Garrett’s helmet off his head.

Instead  Garrett ripped Rudolph’s helmet off his head, but then made a terrible decision by taking a swing at his opponent with his own helmet.

The NFL fined both teams $250,000 each, suspended Garrett without pay indefinitely, suspended Steelers centre Maurkice Pouncey three games without pay and fined him for his role in the fight, and suspended Browns defensive tackle Larry Ogunjobi one game without pay and fined him.

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Some Browns fans were not happy with the decision. 

A Steelers fan stepped up and started a GoFundMe page to try to raise the funds to pay off Pouncey’s fines since he stepped in and defended his quarterback.

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