Via Go Fund Me: Browns Defensive end Myles Garrett (scumbag) assaulted Mason Ruldoph following a scrum when Garrett threw Rudolph to the ground late on a pass with 8 seconds left. He hit Rudolph with his helmet after he ripped it off his head. Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey jumped into the action to defend his QB and surely will be fined an unreasonable amount. So SteelerNation let’s raise as much as we can to help Pouncey for doing the absolute right thing.

So far they’ve raised almost $4,000 dollars in  24 hours with a total goal of $50,000.

The creator of the page, Justin McGonigle, noted that he will donate the money to a charity of Pouncey’s choice if the 7-time Pro Bowler doesn’t accept the money.

Which he won’t. 

So a nice way to give back.  

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