“Hey @VijaySinghGolf you are a true piece of trash if you [accept] money playing in a Korn Ferry Tour event and I’ll say it right to your face,” Schnell wrote in a tweet, which he later deleted.

Schnell didn’t stop there, either, and started replying to fans.

“I think COVID or no COVID this would be a big deal,” he said. “It’s just Vijay being Vijay. Selfish.”

“It’s one spot?” he wrote back to someone. “Do you know how much those points and money could do for a young kid? He’s a complete turd for playing. He’s got money and he’s got his career. Just wait another month and roll around with your senior friends.”

“I’m still trying to make a career unlike Vijay,” he replied to someone. “Get outta with your weakness.”

“It’s not about pocketbooks … There are valuable points AND money on the line, both of which he doesn’t need,” he wrote.

Schnell eventually walked his comments back somewhat, though deleted the tweet in which he did so, later on Thursday. 

“Piece of trash is way too harsh,” Schnell said in the deleted tweet, via ESPN. “This is why, including myself, we should all breathe a little before posting something. I reacted too strongly when I heard Vijay was playing in a KF event, however, I feel strongly he shouldn’t play. It’s a silly move on his part, period!”

The Korn Ferry Tour, the developmental Tour previously known as the Web.com Tour, is used for golfers attempting to either earn or regain their PGA Tour cards,  something Singh doesn’t need to do.

Singh’s presence at the Korn Ferry Challenge could take that opportunity away from a younger golfer, too, which was Schnell’s point.

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