Former UNC Charlotte quarterback Kevin Olsen, brother of Panthers tight end Greg Olsen, was found not guilty of rape charges on Wednesday afternoon.  He was facing four charges, each of which carried a 10 year maximum sentence.

The Panthers tight end, who is recovering from a foot injury, was in the courtroom on Wednesday for the verdict.

Via The Charlotte Observer:

Late Wednesday afternoon, 19 months after he was arrested and charged with the rape of his girlfriend, Kevin Olsen became a free man.

The former UNC Charlotte quarterback, 23, was found not guilty on three counts of second-degree rape and one count of second-degree sex offense. Each charge carried a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison.

When the verdicts were read aloud, Olsen turned in his chair at the defense table and stared triumphantly at his family behind him. He hugged his attorneys, George and Bree Laughrun, then sank back in his chair in tears.

These are always touchy subjects.  Obviously the Olsen’s are happy with the verdict, but there is a woman who feels she was raped and didn’t get justice in her eyes.  Let’s hope the jury got it right and Olsen goes on to stay out of these types of situations.