According to a new report, the Cleveland Cavaliers big man is constantly “surrounded by temptation,” and “it ain’t easy.” 

“Tristan is constantly surrounded by temptation. Hot chicks literally throw themselves at him and are constantly flirting with him and vying for his attention,” the source continued. “Tristan is doing his utmost to ignore it all, though, and to focus on what matters most — Khloé, his kids, and his career.”

 A source told Life & Style that the entire Kardashian family is against the 34-year-old having baby No. 2 with Tristan. 

“Khloé just can’t let this relationship go,” a source close to the KUWTK star revealed this week. “All the Kardashians are against her having another baby, but she won’t listen to any of them,” the source added. “She’s blinded by love when it comes to Tristan.”  

Khloe would be crazy to have another kid with Tristan, but you never know, they’ll do just about anything for ratings and clicks.