Former New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is officially out of the NFL. 

“Gronk” announced his retirement via Instagram a few weeks back. 

Now everyone is wondering what the 29 year old will do to fill his time. 

Looks like much of the same. 

Gronk is all signed up to participate in a taping of the 100,000 Dollar Pyramid with his old teammate Julian Edelman. 

Check out all screenshots below:

Obviously Gronk will not be tackled during this taping, so not a long term problem continuing to push his celebrity and make appearances. 

Interestingly enough, people are blaming Gronk’s early retirement on too many hits perhaps?  

Dr. Ann McKee, one of the leading CTE researchers, has pounced on Gronk’s retirement as proof that concerns regarding Chronic Traumatic Encephelopathy influence decisions regarding the duration of football careers.

I was relieved,” Dr, McKee told BU Today regarding her reaction to the news. “Reading between the lines about Rob Gronkowski, he’s had big hits. He’s read the headlines. He has said playing football abuses the body and abuses the brain.”

“I know he’s a goofball, but he’s intelligent,” Dr. McKee said of Gronkowski. “I think he does recognize that the brain is a very precious part of you, and you don’t get a second chance with it.”

Gronk will have to use that Big Brain of his if he wants to win on the Pyramid. 

Looking forward to seeing retired Gronk fresh out of retirement. 

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