Oklahoma’s Kyler Murray still hasn’t figured out whether or not he’s going to attend Spring Training with the Oakland A’s or spend that time preparing for the NFL Combine.  Many believe the Heisman Trophy winner will eventually pick football of baseball.

If he does pick football, Murray already has the support of a Hall of Fame quarterback.  TMZ Sports caught up with NFL legend Warren Moon, who thinks the college star has what it takes to be a great NFL quarterback.

“The game has changed and it’s right up his alley,” Moon says.

“They’re doing the things that he did in college, and because they’re doing those things, he’ll just transition right into the NFL game.”

Some draft experts disagree, saying Kyler’s too small — dude IS just 5’10”, 190ish pounds … but Moon doesn’t see that as a problem for the ex-Sooners QB.

“He makes it happen. So, that’s all that really matters.”

Great NFL quarterback?  We’ll see.  There have be plenty of Heisman Trophy winners who don’t go on to great success in the NFL.

So just because he had a lot of success carving up college defenses filled with guys who will go pro in other professions doesn’t exactly mean he’ll be great in the NFL.

That said, Murray should absolutely give the NFL a shot.  If that’s the sport he loves more.  Professional baseball isn’t a bad plan B if the NFL doesn’t end up working out.

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