One moment that stood out in Episode 5 of ESPN’s “The Last Dance” is when Michael Jordan refused to show the Reebok logo while accepting his 1992 gold medal as part of the “Dream Team” at the Olympics.

“Michael was so singular in his competitive drive, and a drive that extended to his partners, like Nike, that he could not bare the thought of wearing the Reebok logo on a global stage: Receiving a gold medal at the Olympics,” former NBA Inside Stuff host Willow Bay said on the documentary series. “So he covered the Reebok logo with the United States flag.”

In the documentary series, there’s a camera recording Jordan talking about this moment.

He complains about having to wear the Reebok jacket and explicitly mentions Harvey Schiller, calling him “a dโ€”.”

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In 1992, Schiller was named Executive Director of the United States Olympic Committee. In this role, he helped bring in corporate sponsorships, such as Reebok.

“Harvey Schiller. What a dโ€”,” Jordan says in the documentary. “The guy who said if we don’t wear our uniforms, we can’t accept our gold medal and all that stuff. … They said they are going to try to hide the Reebok on it. But they can’t hide it like I’m going to hide it. They in for a big fโ€”ing surprise.”

Now Schiller has responded.

Flip the Page to see his tweet: