Bearings are specially designed to promote efficient wheel rotation. This is basically the most important function of a wheel bearing and what one should always take into consideration. However, as efficient as a wheel bearing can be, it can also get equally annoying when it decides to fail. Imagine riding on your favourite skateboard and one second you’re falling off because the wheels didn’t work as they should. You don’t want that. For you to make the most out of skateboarding, you must equip your wheels with high-quality skateboard bearings, and here’s how you can find them.

First things first, a perfect-sized bearing is a must. Standard size of 8mm (core), 22mm (outer diameter), and 7mm (width) is recommended for skateboard bearings. Then, you’ll need 8 bearings for your skateboard wheels. Will these bearings last long? The answer will definitely be yes if you choose the right quality. Take time to consider these things:

ABEC Scale Ratings

ABEC (Annular Bearing Engineering Committee) scale is an industry accepted for its standard for the tolerances of a bearing. A bearing that has a high ABEC Rate is a bearing that you must buy. ABEC Ratings ranges from 1 being the poorest to 9 being the best. 

ABEC 1 – cheap, crude, and poor quality

ABEC 3 – affordable but does not roll smoothly

ABEC 5 –  standard rating, affordable fast

ABEC 7 – costs more, smooth, very fast

ABEC 9 – fastest, ideal for professional skaters

Shielded VS. Sealed Bearings

Which of these two do you think is most preferable? If you want to have the best skateboarding experience, consider having a Shielded Bearing. Compared to a Sealed Bearing, shielded ones have metal caps that can be removed, sealed ones are common in cheap skateboards. A shielded bearing can also be easily cleaned and lubricated whereas a sealed bearing, because of its unremovable cover, it’s impossible to do cleaning. Water and dust get in easily on sealed bearings too. Now, which of these two do you think is most preferable? Sure you got an answer.Durability and High-performance

Shralpin ABEC 7 Precision Skateboard Bearings are created with affordability in mind. For skateboarders by skateboarders, these bearings are sure to cater what is really necessary for your skateboards. With a high ABEC rating, these precision skateboard bearings guarantee durability and top-notch performance. They are a leading product in the industry. Riders have tried and tested their performance and have approved for its high impacts. 

With all these in mind, how would you find the BEST skateboard bearings?