For those of us that like all to stay up till dawn, dress in wild outfits, women’s summer outfit ideas and party with loud DJ music, we know that raves will be a must on our social calendar. Going to a rave is not like going to just another party. 

 Finding the right outfit is so important. What you wear to a rave party really speaks to the experience that you want to have. So, where do you find raver clothing? There are many places online for you to purchase your attire. Below is a list of just a few of the online websites where you can purchase festival fashion.  Keep reading on to find a list of fashion must-haves.

There a many other options available to find rave clothing.  For example, you can shop on for handmade items or go to your local thrift store and have fun searching for your style. You can always look on craigslist, eBay or posh for people that are selling there used rave outfits.  Either way, the fun is hunting for the perfect piece to complete your specific look.

If you are new to the new culture of raves, then you are probably wondering what you should wear. Although, anything goes, the idea is to create an outfit that is completely unique and different. There are a few must haves that make the outfit a little more fun. Keep reading on to find out what they are.

Must Have Items

*Reflective clothing – This will help your outfit standout and maybe even glow with the lights.  

*Glasses – Also called diffraction glasses. These types of glasses will enhance what the viewer is able to see at the event.

*Glitter and jewelry – It will add to the wow factor of your outfit, and it enhances the fantasy of the look you are going for. 

*Platform shoes or boots – It is a must to wear comfortable shoes. These shoes are the preferred look.

*Short skirts and sexy bras – Look for mini skirts that are sexy that come with pleats, sequins, or fishnet. Fun, sexy and flirty and flashy is what looks good.

When you are ready to buy raver clothing, go for the bright, shiny, and sexy attire. If you are more adventuresome then go for the outlandish look that gives an out of this world feeling. Enjoy and have fun dressing for your next event.