Going on a first date with a romantic prospect brings a lot of butterflies to the tummy. You can start to worry about what may go wrong, what etiquettes to display, and mostly what to talk about.

Saying the right things on a first date is very vital as it can earn you more dates or even lead to a forever after. It’s easy to fall into the latter category with the list of appropriate and captivating things to talk about on a first date provided by a group of experts. 

What’s more;

Our experts agree that whether you’re just meeting for the first time or already courting or even dating, planning for your first date with these things to talk about on a first is the safest and surest way to having other dates follow:

1. Talk About Your Date

One of the best ways to welcome your date is by paying them a compliment. 

Upon meeting your date, strive to say something nice about their appearance, it could be anything that catches your attention, say their hair, shoes, bag, or cloth. However, desist from exaggerating your compliments as it is important they find you believable and not flattering.

2. Talk About the Environment

It’s not advisable to jump to the details or nuances of your personal life shortly after seeing your date. Instead, having paid them a compliment, go on to mention a couple of things that you find interesting about the scene. 

Talk about the ambiance of your environment, say the climate, decoration style, menu, or even the ethical behavior of the staff – if your date is in a restaurant, coffee shop, or anything that bears semblance to such a setting. 

Simple conversations like this would help you both to adjust to each other and feel more relaxed.

3. Ask About How they Got into Your City

“Sometimes what you need to kick start a delightful date is igniting a sense of connection. You can start talking about how you both found your way into your present city,” says Tom Bradley, a relationship expert and author of the book, Make Your First Date Your Last. 

This discussion would help you share your histories and even dive into other areas of your lives such as career and family.

4. Talk About Your Family and Friends

Beyond knowing your social phone numbers, it’s important to dig into your background, say your family life. To achieve that, your date doesn’t have to be the first person to engage in this subject. You could initiate this conversation instead. 

Share fascinating stories about your family and some cool pictures, too. You could bring out your phone and show them a lovely family picture of you and your mum, dad, siblings, or pet. 

Go further by mentioning your old-time friends. Recollect some of the interesting memories you’ve shared with them. 

At this point, it’s fair to equally ask your date about their family and friends, too.

5. What are Your Best Qualities 

To get a picture of how your date sees themselves, ask them what good qualities they admire most about themselves. If they struggle to give a solid answer, it could mean they are insecure about themselves. Contrarily, if they go on to make an endless list of their good side, that could indicate arrogance. 

However, this question is a fantastic way to find out how your date sees themselves. 

6. Inquire About Their Job

Asking if your date enjoys their job helps appear thoughtful and insightful. 

“This is an effective way of having a meaningful and lengthy conversation because this question births more questions, such as what do you love most about your job, or what are your plans on transitioning to another career if they don’t enjoy their present job. You can even compliment their passion for their profession or proffer suggestions on how they can have a more fulfilled career life,” says Rema a therapist and communication expert.

7. Ask About What They Love to Do with Their Free Time

While you can’t be sure if your date has a knack for reading, movies, or cooking, you can be certain that they have their free time. Hence, asking them about how they love to enjoy their free time is a  million-dollar question. says, marriage expert, Kennedy. 

Furthermore, this inquiry helps you see if you have mutual interests and what other unrelated hobbies you can explore. That means you can have more dates to explore these hobbies together.

8. Inquire About Their Skill or Talent

In this time and age, so many people are acquiring new skill every day that goes beyond their studies or white-collar job. Ask your date about the skill they have or are trying to acquire. This question will give you an insight into how much they strive to improve their lives. 

You could further build on their reply by asking what prompted their choice. While raising this question, speak in a calm demeanor and with a smile so they don’t feel confronted by an interviewer.

9. What is Their Idea of a Perfect Life

Everyone has what they deem fit as a perfect life. That’s why a first date is a perfect place to find out what your potential partner would call an ideal life. It could be owning a house of their own using real estate company services, getting a degree, starting a new career, or family. 

An interesting way to ask this question could be “where would you love to be in the next 10 years?”

Their answer to this question will help you know if you are compatible or not.

10. Converse About Your Deal-Breakers 

Marriage counselor, Dr. Janet advises that as soon as your first date, your romantic prospect must be in the know about your deal-breaker and vice versa.

“Before starting anything serious, the potential couple must lay their deal-breaker cards on their date table. This discussion will help prevent unnecessary heartbreak.”

You must know that not everyone would love to have kids or go into marriage and many other things. Get to find out on time what they can accept and otherwise.

11. Relationship Expectations

The belief we hold about relationships will inform the type of partners we pursue. Therefore, it’s advisable to discuss your relationship expectations and belief with your date. 

Ask them their take on monogamy, marriage, divorce, and relationship. Other questions could include, how old was their oldest relationship, how open they are in a relationship, that is, their idea of privacy.

12. Travel

One of the most beautiful adventures couples could have is touring new places. This recreational activity is a bonding tool for romantic partners. Thus, it’s a great topic of discussion to reveal to your date just how much of a fun-loving partner you would make.

Also, mention some of the most adventurous places you know or would love to go to with your partner in the nearest future. Then take a break to hear your date’s travel adventure.

Certainly, these things to discuss on your first date which we’ve helped explained are an effective way to build a great personality about yourself in the mind of your date. Consequently, helping you to enjoy other dates with them in the nearest future.