Looks like things may be over for Tristan and Khloe, as we reported earlier, the couple have not been seen together for over a month. 

This makes perfect sense, as we had received a tip about Tristan’s new hookup, allegedly. 

Check out the tip we received below: 

Tristan has been hooking up with ashaleer, check out her IG. He’s been messing with her for a while. 

Not too much information there to digest, but this tip, coupled with the fact the two haven’t seen each other in over a month, leads one to believe Tristan is occupying himself one way or another. 

Her name is Asha Mack, she’s from Toronto, and has been flying to Cleveland, and some of Tristan’s road games according to another source. 

Tristan’s track record speaks for itself. 

Check out some pics of Tristan’s alleged new girl below: 

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