The Warriors were handed a 22-point loss by the Trail Blazers in Portland on Wednesday night.  But the night wasn’t without some Golden State highlights.

Late in the fourth quarter, Draymond Green was hit with a ridiculous flagrant foul call on a foul in the lane.  The call was too much for Steve Kerr to take and it caused him to lose his mind.

Kerr slammed his clipboard down in disgust and then went off on the referee.  He was quickly ejected and the Warriors went on to lose the game.

I hate to admit it, but Kerr is right to be upset.  The call on Green was 100% about his reputation and not that play.  

That was about as common as a foul gets.  Green hit his arm and the ball.  There didn’t appear to be any contact with the head.

I guess that’s what happens when you go around punching and kicking people in the junk.

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