A football player from Sutter High School in Sacramento, CA. went a little too far after a section playoff game loss to West Valley High and destroyed the opponent’s locker room furniture with a sledgehammer 

“Yah some things got out of hand… he was definitely upset about the loss about the loss,” said Cameron Applegarth. “Our school is looked at like a piece of trash. We look like bullies we look like sore losers.” Applegrath is on the Sutter High team and is friends with the player in the video. He says his teammate lost control of his emotions and now the school is paying a price. “You can’t always win and if you don’t win you still has to handle defeat,” said Ryan Robison, the superintendent and principal of Sutter Union High School.

The unidentified student, a minor, is suspended. 

Of course someone filmed it. 

 If no one filmed it, then it never happened, right? 


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