San Francisco 49ers star QB Jimmy Garoppolo is out for the season with a torn ACL. Even though he’s not currently playing, people are still finding the time to complain about the 49ers savior. 

We know Jimmy landed an enormous contract with the 49ers. Garoppolo signed a $137.5 million contract in the off-season as Jimmy G fever stoked optimism about the 49ers’ future.

Looks like the rich stay rich by being cheap. A fan documented just how badly of a tipper Jimmy is. 

You can see that below: 

And that very fact was confirmed by smoking hot playboy model Kindly Myers, who chimed in about her experience with Jimmy G and his gratuity habits. 

Looks like Jimmy G can’t tip for sh*t. 

Not a good look, especially when receipts are always proof. Real receipts, you can’t get any better confirmation than that. 

Check out some pics of Kindly below

What the hell was Jimmy thinking not tipping her? 

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