Houston Texans superstar defensive end JJ Watt loves the old people. Watt famously struck up a friendship with Barbara Bush, as the two were thick as thieves. 

Watt also had a thing for Jennifer Aniston. She’s not senior citizen status quite yet, but she’s getting there. 

And now this. JJ watt posted a picture of him and his girlfriend with his grandma and great grandma. 

JJ just scored some serious points with his lady fan-base. The problem is most of them don’t really like his girlfriend. They don’t feel she is the right girl for JJ. 

Sounds to me like this is a, “If They Ain’t her, they hate her” type situation. I’m pretty sure JJ’s grandma, and great grandma approve of JJ’s relationship with Kealia, and that’s all that matters. 

As long as he has their support, she’s good to go.  

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