Live dealer casinos have a special place in the web-based gambling casino world. There are many live dealer games software providers, and most of their games are accessible for players on notable online casinos.

Moreover, most online casinos are for male gamblers. Therefore, the dealer is more often excellent looking young ladies. Kindly read along as we discuss how the live dealer casino games work, and we will also give a summary of the software providers and their available games.

How Live Dealer Casino Games Work

Live dealer casino games join the physical casino game element of managing real cards or spinning the roulette wheel with the benefits of advanced online features.
It works with your device cameras and video web-based streaming. Gamblers can enjoy live dealer games without leaving their comfort zone with this technology.
A camera shows the dealer and playing location, and these pictures are sent to players to see the individuals on their devices. Having online casinos with live dealers can make gamblers feel more immersed in the game they are playing, almost like they are actually there which is highly appealing to those who want the full experience.

Players can use a specific connection point of computers to settle issues on playing choices as it is in real life, making the system very realistic. After resolving issues or taking a specific step, it is shown on a screen private to the dealer, or the live dealer can observe and make decisions. 

Here is a bit by bit example from a live dealer game called Blackjack.


  • Click on the chips and stake a $25 bet at the live dealer blackjack table. 


  • The dealer then deals two cards to you and two cards to herself. 


  • Suppose you have a jack and an eight for a sum of 18. Then, the dealer shows a seven. 


  • Hit the stand button, and the dealer will see your activity on her screen. 


  • She then shows a queen for an aggregate of 17. 


  • You win the hand as her number is less than yours, and she inputs the success on her end, and the dealer will credit you with a $25 win.


Live dealer roulette games work like Blackjack, only that you see the live dealer turning the roulette wheel. The design of the online betting table is ordinarily advanced and functional, like when you play at a physical casino without a live dealer.

Live Dealer Casino Games

The main games presented by live dealer online casinos have dealers in the physical world. The ideal illustration of live dealer games are roulette and the Blackjack, 

To help you discover the best live dealer games, we provide an outline of the most famous and functional live dealer games. 

  • Blackjack

Blackjack is the most famous live dealer game. It got its origin from the old match twenty one, and it is the most played on the very best gambling sites in 2022. 

It requires more effort than baccarat. However, the player with the highest stake makes your effort worthwhile. Every player puts down their bet, and afterwards, the dealer gives every player two cards just as taking two cards herself. 

Every player chooses whether to hit, stand, twofold, split or give up, and the live dealer takes the final decision. After all the players have made decisions, the dealer flips over her subsequent card and her cards finish.

Online live dealer blackjack is just like the physical casino, although it is not as fast as the physical ones as there might be internet itches and players have to wait for responses from opponents.  

  • Roulette

Roulette is another popular live dealer game that has gotten the interest of gamblers globally. Even non-gamblers are aware of the spinning wheel and its ivory ball. 

Players can place their stakes on a broad scope of potential results. The markets include dark, red, or oddballs, which pay cash depending on your stake and number of balls.

Roulette wheels are accessible in double-zero wheels called American roulette, and single-zero wheels are called European roulette. The European single-zero wheels offer a lower house edge than the American double-zero wheels. 

Most live dealer casinos prefer the European wheel. However, gamblers should choose the single wheel as it is easier and offers better chances of winning. 

In this game, players pick the amount they need to wager and what they need to place it on. For instance, to bet #50 on the dark ball. You should click on the chips to choose the #50 mark and afterwards click on the roulette format to put down your bet on the dark region. 

The dealer then, at that point, spin the ball in the wheel. If the ball lands upward, the dealer pays the players. 

  • Baccarat

Baccarat is a live dealer game where the dealer plays out each game activity after the players place their bet. It has similar features to roulette, where the house can take pretty much entirely a few bets without changing the current hand or allowing players some time.

Players put down their bets on the tie, financier or another player. Afterwards, the dealer bargains out two hands of two cards each. There are many instructions that players should observe during the game, and each hand either stays or gets an extra card. 

Then, the winners collect their rewards, and the players can repeat the procedure for the next round.

  • 3 Card Poker

3 Card Poker is not accessible for many live dealer casinos; however, it is very famous in traditional casinos and a few internet-based casinos. It involves a three-card poker hand against the dealer, and when you win the payout, you are paid based on your game in hand.

  • Sic Bo

Sic Bo is an Asian dice game that is exceptionally famous for business sectors. It was Presented by a couple of live dealer casinos recently. 

In the game, you put down wagers on what you figure the result of the shot in the dark will be. Then the dice are uncovered, and you are paid out depending on the money you stake. Various mixes pay various sums given the chances they offer.

  • Casio Holdem

This is a version of the poker game. It is different from Texas Holdem that you can regularly see on TV. However, it shares features with Texas Holdem. 

It is a table game intended for a single individual against a dealer. There are a couple of varieties of this game accessible in live dealer casinos, and it isn’t accessible in all casinos.

The player makes a bet, and the dealer gets two opening cards. Next, the dealer turns over the three local area cards called the ‘flop’. At that point, the player may crease or make an extra bet to complete the hand. 

Live Dealer Software Providers

The leading software providers are Evolution Gaming, Playtech and Microgaming. See below for a summary of these platforms.

  • Evolution Gaming

The Evolution Gaming platform is the most popular live dealer software globally. The games offered by Evolution Gaming include Blackjack, Holdem poker, baccarat and many more. 

  • Playtech

Playtech is another fantastic online casino software that has proved its worth for years. Recently they offered a live dealer option for their lovers. They also provide Sic Bo’s dealer. 

  • Microgaming

Microgaming is the largest casino software provider used by many notable casinos worldwide. In addition, they offer a live dealer game option that includes Blackjack, roulette and baccarat and many more.