EOTech is a well-known industry giant among sight manufacturers. They’ve been manufacturing sights for quite a while, and they make the world’s leading line of holographic sights. Today, we’ll dive into sights to understand how far you can shoot with an EOTech. As EOTech specializes in holographic optics, we’ll look particularly at how far you can fire with an EOTech holographic sight – with and without additional magnification. 

What/Who is EOTech?

EOTech is an American sight and optics company established in 1995. Since then, they’ve been operating out of Ann Arbor, Michigan, as one of the leading sight designers and manufacturers. Their most astounding feat in sight design was the initial breakthrough with holographic sights. And so, EOTech specializes in making the best-in-class holographic sights.

At the time of their finding, EOTech partnered with Bushnell optics to create the first holographic sight. From there, they’ve been making fantastic holographic sights. Additionally, law enforcement officers and the military rely on EOTech sights for day-to-day combat. Finally, EOTech is the winner of the Year Award’s Optics, thanks to their patent and manufacture of the first holographic sight.

All EOTech holographic sights are reliable, rugged, and durable. Therefore, if you need to find your next non-magnification sight for close-quarter shooting, get your hands on the latest EOTech. 

What is a Holographic Sight

American sight rely on holograms captured by the laser diode on a unique holographic film to produce a three-dimensional image. Here, hunters don’t see the original image but rather a holographic recreation. Therefore, when looking through a holographic sight, you’ll be able to view your target under your reticle regardless of your head’s angle.

Holographic sights overcome the limitation of diode-based sights, like a standard red dot sight, by allowing you to view your sights from any angle. The reticle on the sight will always be on top of the target regardless of your head’s angle. Therefore, if the reticle is on target, you can go in for a shot. So target acquisition is much faster, and consequently, allows you to shoot quicker.

If you need a new sight for your rifle, get yourself a holographic sight from EOTech for a revolutionary sight based on laser optics and holographic projections. Enjoy easier aiming without worrying about the alignment of your scope and eyes. An EOTech Holographic sight is the perfect rifle companion for close-quarters shooting. And so you will see that a lot of military and law enforcement personnel rely on EOTech holographic sights.

How Far Can You Shoot with an EOTech Holographic Sight

As an EOTech is a non-magnified sight, don’t expect to shoot long-range targets accurately with the sight. Instead, the sight is ideal for close-quarter hunting or nearby targets. Furthermore, the reticle on a holographic sight is small and accurate. This size allows you to land the perfect shots on close-range targets. Therefore, if you plan to shoot with your EOTech holographic sight, you’ll land accurate shots up to 100 yards without magnification.

An EOTech Holographic sight is much faster than your standard red dot sight in target acquisition. Moreover, the dot on a holographic sight is much smaller, allowing you to land accurate shots on smaller targets. Finally, an EOTech holographic sight has plenty of eye relief – for hunters with visual impairments, along with a wide FOV. And so, you get a clear view of your target’s surroundings while avoiding recoil from your rifle, thanks to the large viewing window.

Overall, if you need to shoot targets at a close-to-medium range, an EOTech holographic sight is the best choice you can make. Additionally, you can add magnification and make adjustments accordingly to increase your EOTech holographic sight’s effective range. Therefore, you will be able to land accurate shots beyond 200 yards once you consider parallax.

How is an EOTech Holographic Sight Different from a Red Dot Sight

The primary difference between an EOTech and a red dot sight is how the sight creates its reticle. In the case of a standard red dot sight, you’ll find that a low-power LED produces the reticle through a series of reflections. On the other hand, an EOTech holographic sight uses powerful lasers to project a reticle onto a holographic image based on what you’re looking at through your viewing window. Incidentally, an EOTech uses more power than a red dot due to its high-power laser. Therefore, another critical difference between the two types of sights is that a holographic sight will consume more power to stay running and, in turn, drain your batteries faster. 

The pros and cons of an EOTech Holographic Sight

An EOTech holographic sight offers several advantages over your standard red dot sight –

  • Large field of view – with a large viewing window, you can scope out your target and carefully monitor it before firing your shot.
  • Higher accuracy – the reticle of a holographic sight remains on target regardless of where your head is as the sight’s reticle stays true to where you point the sight.
  • Magnification – If you use magnification with your holographic sight, the reticle’s size will remain the same.
  • EOTech holographic sights support night vision and come with a heads-up display for more information.

The significant drawbacks of a holographic sight are –

  • A holographic sight, given its advanced features, is more expensive than your standard red dot sight.
  • A holographic sight does not have an etched reticle, and so you’ll always be reliant on battery power to hit your target square-on.
  • Incidentally, because the EOTech holographic sight uses a powerful laser to project the reticle onto the holographic image, it uses more power. So, you’ll end up burning through your battery much quicker. EOTech holographic sights come with an auto-shutoff feature – this allows the sight to reduce battery wastage.


If you’re looking for the right close-quarters sight – EOTech is the leading brand for holographic sights with fast target acquisition. With high accuracy of up to 100 yards, your next EOTech holographic sight will cover you through your hunting trips and allow you to shoot down prey without any difficulty.

You’re in good hands with your latest EOTech holographic sight if you want to improve or specialize in close-quarters shooting.