The world of football has changed drastically in the last couple of decades. Teams have fought success and ran into hard times, and the levels of compensation have skyrocketed as more and more fans become obsessed. How we follow our favorite teams has changed as well.


Before, we would have to follow the league through the radio or read about the results the next day in the paper. Now, we have access to every football game as it happens. With the rise of websites, live streaming, football betting sites, and more that allow us to watch football in real-time or catch up on games that we missed, fans fascinations with football has only increased.


What Is Live Streaming

Live streaming is the latest of the technological advances that have brought football into our homes and our pockets. It is a live feed of a sporting event that we can watch on our computers, phones, or tablets.


According to a Sports Viewing Survey completed by Google, 30% of the 1,520 sports fans surveyed said that they have live streamed sporting events to their smartphones or tablets. In addition, 80% of the respondents said that they use multiple screens which watching sports. They might also be looking up players stats, live scores, or even watching numerous games at the same time.


How Live Streaming And Betting Has Changed

Now that live streaming has become a staple in the gambling market, it has helped increase the occurrence of betting on football matches. According to the Gambling Commission in the UK, football is one of the most popular betting activities, and all gambling activities have seen an increase in online participation. More people are turning towards online gambling instead of in-person gambling.


In the past twenty years, sports books have become better at setting opening lines on all the major sporting matches, but the public still plays a significant role in the final line. Because people can watch the matches live, and have access to more data than ever before, the line can move if too much action is placed on one side or the other. Because more people watch games, they might be more likely to bet on the games as well. Therefore, the final lines won’t be as accurate as they should be, and it might make it hard for sports bettors to find those profitable opening lines. However, if you are a sharp sports bettor, you can find better close line opportunities if the public is betting heavily on one side to win in a game.


For example, the public will tend to bet on their favorites, and particularly those who are playing at home. The sports books will take advantage of this and will set the lines slightly against the favorite.

More Matches Watched

A survey done by Seton Hall Sports Poll found that 70% of respondents would be more likely to watch a game that they had placed a bet on. If you are within the ages of 18-29, that number increase to an astounding 88% that would be more likely to watch if they had bet on the match. By betting and then watching the game, you might be more likely to be converted into a fan of that particular team.


Many sports betting sites will allow you to stream games for free as long as you have placed a bet within the last 24 hours or you have a positive account balance. You don’t even have to be watching a match that you placed a bet on. It is one of the perks of opening an account with the betting sites. On sites like users can read more about live betting, so they ca access more games than ever before which encourages people to watch more sports because it comes at almost no cost to them.

A More Balanced System

When you would bet on games twenty years ago, you would have to use newspapers, radio, and television to make an informed bet. While that information might give you a good view of what happened during the game, you still might be missing a lot of the small details that go into successful betting.


Now, thanks to live streaming, you can find all the data you might want online and see highlights of games, or even catch up on entire matches that you missed. While the sports books have the same information, you now do too, so it makes for a more balanced system than it was in the past.

Live Streaming Strategy

Now that live streaming and betting have become mainstream, more people are able to watch games, and access to a wider variety of teams that they might never have had before. To take advantage of live streaming and betting, here are a few tips to get you started.



  • Don’t wait too long to place your bet. Live streaming does delay the match, so if you wait too long to place your in-play wager, you might miss out on making money.
  • Look for overall trends. If you are live streaming a team that you don’t often watch, first get a feel for the match before making any bets. Look at how well matched the two teams are or to see if one football club seems to have an advantage over the other side.
  • Be ready to bet. Live streaming allows you to choose when to make your bets, so you always know when the action is happening. If you want to bet at a particular moment in the game, make sure to have your bet on a specific line ready to go. Simply place the line you want to bet with your wager and then when you are ready, you click bet, accept the odds changes, and then you can wait to see what happens.
  • Cash out. Live streaming has made knowing the results of your bet much easier. You can instantly cash out whenever you want to if you feel like your side’s luck is changing.



Thanks to the readily available information, more people are watching football matches and betting than ever before. People can make more informed decisions to win more bets while live streaming.