At your travel destination, you may want to stretch your wings and have fun or relax. I think there are many people who are looking forward to getting a massage at a travel or business trip destination accommodation or specialty store to heal their daily fatigue. There is an option for that 출장 마사지

Since the place, mood, and situation are different from the services you usually receive, people who invest more money or who think that they can do it as usual should use their budget differently. Therefore, in this questionnaire, I took a questionnaire about how much to spend on massage at a travel destination.

If you want to spend a budget other than massage, so you want to keep it low.

As a result of the questionnaire, the most common answer was “3,999 yen or less”.

Here I will share some real opinion of traveler .

Massage is not the purpose of travel. I want to use it for sightseeing, eating delicious food, and souvenirs (40s / female / housewife)

I went on a trip to Taiwan and experienced foot massage, but I thought that this amount was reasonable (20s / female / student)

Travel is mainly about traveling, so about 3000 yen that you can call to your room is enough. I want to spend money elsewhere (30s / female / unemployed)

If the purpose is sightseeing or gourmet, it seems that there is a tendency to keep it low as a way to spend the budget. If your goal is to get rid of the tiredness of walking and relax, or if you use massage in a country or region where the unit price is originally low, you can get satisfactory results without spending too much money. maybe.

If you want to have a luxurious experience because it is a travel destination

The second most common answer was “4,000 to 6,999 yen,” followed by “7,000 to 9,999 yen,” and “10,000 yen or more.” However, it seems that there are quite a few people who want to take care of their body even if they pay a large amount of massage fee.

Again I will share some real opinions on this matter.

I would like to hear about the treatment and advice, but I don’t have to talk about small things (30s / female / part-time worker)

I think that if it is cheap, time and content will be scarce. I feel that it is not suitable for the amount of money to spend on the trip because it is too expensive (40s / male / office worker)

I don’t usually want to spend a lot of money on massage, but if I’m traveling, I’ll pay up to about 5,000 yen (20s / female / office worker)

It depends on the travel destination, but if it is a cheap area in Asia, I think that it can be done for about 2 hours for 7,000 yen (30s / woman / housewife)

Normally, the market price is around 6,000 yen, but if you go to a luxury resort, you may pay around 30,000 yen (30s / male / freelance / freelance).

There was a tendency to be a little more luxurious than usual and not to spend too much money. As you can see in the answer, when you receive a service in a country where the basic charge is low, you can get a longer massage if you do it with a large budget.

It seems that resorts and the like often perform special treatments, so if you want to spend a luxurious time, it is no wonder that there are voices that are quite inspiring.

Where you want to receive satisfactory service while keeping the amount down

Since the travel budget is fixed to some extent, I would like to be able to receive a satisfactory service after calculating the market price.

When receiving at a hotel or resort facility, the amount of money will vary greatly depending on the course, and it seems necessary to set the treatment fee in advance and then select a plan that can be received within that range. Overall satisfaction may increase if you can bring out the relaxation effect in combination with hot springs.