A physical preparation for football consists of a sum of training, physical exercises with or without the ball, with the aim of getting the players to extract the quintessence of their physical ability during the entire duration of a match as well as during the match. All the matches that make up a season.

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Thus, a successful physical preparation puts the players in good conditions for:

Avoid injuries, particularly muscle injuries (contracture, strain, cramp, etc.),

Be physically efficient over 90 minutes (and a little more) but also throughout the season,

Use specific instructions: heavy pressing, lots of movements, high intensity, power, etc.

Maintain lucidity for the last gesture, especially in the last quarter of an hour of the football match.

Have players in their body (and mind) for the duration of the season

The goal is for your team to gain points in the last 10 – 15 minutes of the match and for each player to be physically well week after week.

 How to do a good physical preparation for football?

During your training, you offer a technical or tactical part with the ball composed of workshops, various games and varied on the ground but you must also set up a specific physical training phase. Each session, especially during the recovery, must have an athletic performance objective. Here are our explanations.

Why and how to make a personalized physical preparation for football?

Physical preparation for football is therefore a complementary planning of football training taking into account external elements (winter break for example) but also specific positions (goalkeeper …). Thus, the physical training will be done in addition to the football exercise with for example a circuit training or, if it is a work without a ball, of timed efforts (minutes, seconds) by performing races. at varying intensities depending on the work period, changing week after week. This is the job of the physical trainer who has completed a state-recognized physical trainer training upstream and is thus able to offer advice and appropriate programs.

Each footballer has a different physiology, different qualities, which therefore require a personalization of the sessions, whether in endurance work (not just jogging), speed or muscle building. This is why we strongly recommend the creation of a physical level group (with the Vameval Test for example) so that each member of the same physical group works at its fair value and progresses. Please note, the level groups may be different depending on whether it is weight training or running (speed or endurance).

Note that in our Blog around physical preparation, we also offer definitions of key terms in physical preparation for football, dietary advice (carried out with a Sports Nutritionist Dietitian) whether before or during a match, training, articles on mental preparation and finally, news always related to the physical or help for football coaches.

It is important to understand that a good pre-season preparation is complementary to a good diet controlled, in particular by a Sports Dietitian Nutritionist. There are food supplements that help prevent digestive disorders, for example. Read this very interesting article on probiotics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is physical preparation compulsory in amateur football?

Nothing is compulsory, even the workouts. However, after a break of a few weeks, it is important to get the players’ bodies back into action with suitable physical exercises and to do pre-season preparation. If professional clubs attach great importance to this, it is not innocent.

Is physical preparation done with or without a ball?

Vast subject, it can be done with or without a ball (we have programs with or without a ball). Afterwards, at the amateur level, the more speed and liveliness there is with the handling of the ball, the more it is the technique that speaks and therefore less the physical … which is a shame for a physical preparation. It’s not Messi, De Buyne (etc) who wants it.

What is the ideal duration of physical preparation?

This will depend on the level of practice (N3 or D3) but also on the date of resumption of the 1st match. The vast majority of amateur football clubs resume 4 to 6 weeks before the first match, between mid-July and early August. 5 weeks seems to be an excellent compromise to obtain a good performance.

Happy reading and good preparation.