First, we need to understand what the coefficient is? The odds are a numerical value that the bookmaker puts on all types of bets. The higher the odds, the better, because the higher the odds, the higher your winnings. Let’s say you decided to bet on odds 2.5 and placed a 100 BDT bet, in case your bet wins, your winnings will be 250 BDT. From this, you can understand that good odds are very important and that is why people who bet on a regular basis really need to look for a bookmaker who offers the best odds for online sports betting.

Types of Betting Odds

There are 3 basic classifications of odds, these are Fractional odds, Decimal odds, and Moneyline odds.

Fractional odds

These odds are used most often in British and Irish bookmakers, but even some of the most famous bookmakers use this type of odds. Let’s look at this type of odds by example. Let’s say a 10/1 (ten to one) odds means that for a 100 Rs bet your profit will be 1000 Rs and the total will be 1100 Rs, simple as that.

Decimal odds

This classification of odds is used more often and is simpler. A glance at the odds of this type, in the blink of an eye you can understand which team is the outsider and which is the favorite. These odds indicate the number of winnings for each dollar you bet. That is, if the odds are 2.1 and you bet 100 Rs, the total, if you win, will be 210 Rs. You don’t need to add the amount of your initial bet, just multiply the bet amount by the odds.

Moneyline odds

It is most rare but most common in the United States. When indicating the favorite, puts a sign -, and then specify the amount to bet to win 100 Rs. When indicating the underdog, put a + sign and write the amount that the player will receive for every 100 Rs bet. Either way, regardless of who you bet on (underdog or favorite), you will receive the original amount in addition to your winnings. It can be seen that this is not the easiest way, which is why it is not very popular.

Best Bookies With High Odds

Do not forget that no bookmaker’s office will not exist without profit, so a percentage of each bet goes to the office, because of this odds on each site with different bets. Below is a list of bookmakers with the best odds. 

  • Parimatch. The odds, of course, are important but do not forget about the other positive aspects of the site, which often affect your impression of the bookmaker no less. Parimatch is one of these bookmakers as it is a bookmaker which apart from high odds offers its clients a nicely designed website and application in black and yellow colors, a lot of sports and eSports betting as well as 24-hour customer support.
  • 1xbet. Another giant among the bookmakers, which boasts very high odds. This bookmaker has been on the market for about 15 years, so you can trust it and use it for betting on a regular basis.
  • 365bet. This bookmaker, in addition to high odds, also has a nicely designed website and gives users the opportunity to bet on the largest tournaments and events. You can make bets on it regardless of whether you like to bet before the match, or right in the heat of the battles.

Above are the 3 best online bookies, read a short description of each and choose the one that suits you best. If you want to know more information, go to the home page of any of the bookies and get acquainted with it personally.


What types of bets should I place to get more winnings?

It makes sense that you would need to bet on outcomes with high odds. You can take advantage of this type of bet, such as a multiples bet. Its essence is that you combine several outcomes into one outcome and get higher odds. But in the case at least one bet does not play, you will lose your money.

Does the odds match the probability of winning?

Often this is true, but not always. If you hope that you will bet on low odds and win forever, then this strategy is knowingly a loser.