As we know there are a lot of pickleball paddles present in the market and it is a very difficult task for anyone to choose the correct option for them so that they can win the game. This cannot be possible that anyone paddle will be suitable for everyone because everyone has a different grip on their hands and the ability to handle the weight of the paddle. So that’s why it is necessary to choose the paddle according to their ability. So here we are going to discuss the methods by which you can choose the correct pickleball paddle listed here for you.

Crucial factors that will help you in choosing the paddle are:

  • Handle
  • Core
  • Weight


Handle plays an important role in the selection of pickleball paddle for you because every paddle has the handles with different sizes and every player also has the hands of different sizes and grips. So it is an important factor that you must have to keep in mind while selecting the paddle for you.

Mostly the paddles in the market come with the handle size between 4”-5” and the paddles with 5” handles are to be used by the tennis player and the player with longer hands as they can grip it better and it will be difficult to grip them for the player with shorter hands. The paddles with the 4” handles are to be used but he players with shorter or we can say with the wider hands as they can grip them better.

The common size for the handles of the paddles that are mostly used is 4.25″ but still if you are having the problem with them as you have the longer hands so you can go for the paddles with 4.5” handles or more.

Women can simply prefer the paddles with the handle size between 4”-4.25”. If you are having the problem with the grip on the handle you don’t have to worry about it as you can get it changed very easily.


This factor is not much important while selecting the paddle for your game but still has to be considered according to your game. Paddles with three types of cores are there present in the market.

Nomex, Aluminium, and Polymer are the three core types present in the market. Paddles with the polymer core are mostly used and are a nest in many cases but some games are different and require the other core paddles. But you are advised using the paddles made up of the polymer core as it will be the best choice for you in most of the games.


It is the most important factor while choosing the best Pickleball paddle as the whole game is dependent on the weight of the paddle. If the paddle is very heavy or we can say were the light for you then it will ruin the things for you during the game. So it is the most important to select the paddle with the correct weight that suits you.

  • Too light:
    If you are using the paddle that is very light in weight according to you that you will swing the paddle very fast and will miss the shots that you generally not misses. As the game is all about the timing and as you will miss the timing the ball will miss your paddle.
  • Too heavy:
    It’s not too easy to judge whether the paddle is heavy for you or not. You can judge it when you feel the pain and fatigue in your arm and wrist. The other sign you will observe that you are hitting your overhead smashes out of the court rather than on the feet of the opponent. This will happen because when you are using the heavy paddle then you will fail in achieving the right wrist action and it will lead to the ball outside the court.
  • Right weight:
    After practising with the variety of paddles you will come to know about the right weight that will suit you and you will see that all your games are going well. You will observe that your shots are on the proper target as you find the correct weight paddle for you.

Above listed were some of the suggestive methods to choose the correct pickleball paddle. You can visit for more such useful informative collection