In recent times light therapy has become really popular due to its manifold benefits regarding many different issues. Light therapy has been around for quite some time,  but light therapy technologies have reached their peak recently, which has caused this rise in popularity. Also, after conducting many pieces of research, various benefits now we know of bright light therapy have come to light. All the benefits light therapy offers have made it one of the best kinds of therapy out there, in fact, it has brought a revolution in the world of therapies.

Light therapy is of many different kinds based on the color, type, and wavelength of the light. Different colors such as red, blue, green, yellow, etc colors are used in light therapy. And based on the color there are many kinds of light therapy devices available in the market. Light therapy devices will help you solve problems regarding both physical and mental. 


Light therapy can help a person with various mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, seasonal affective disorder, severe stress, etc. Light therapy can also help a person with weight loss, growing their muscles, different skin problems, hair loss problems, boosting energy and stamina in them, etc. Not to mention the way light therapy can fix a person’s sleep cycle, and take care of sleeping disorders. But one of the most important benefits offered by light therapy is that it helps to treat different injuries and wounds and provides a feeling of relaxation and comfort to people. 


All these benefits have made people resort to light therapy technology. Also, as you can easily go through the therapy all by yourself at your home, light therapy devices are in high demand in the market. Light therapy devices of many different brands are out there in the market, and the quality of these devices varies from one another.


There are devices of many big brands such as Bueur, Verilux, Neutrogena, Red Light Man, Platinum Therapy Lights, Northern Light, etc. and also devices of small brands are available too. But not all light therapy devices that are available in the market are of good quality. There are many low-quality devices out there, and you need to know how to recognize the good quality ones and differentiate them from the bad ones.


If you get your hand on light therapy devices of low quality, then you won’t be able to get your desired results from the therapy. If you want to have your desired results, and want to start getting results after dedicating a short amount of time to light therapy, then you will need the best quality products that are available in the market. Also, the good quality ones will have high durability, which will help you to use them for a long time. They will also have easy usage so that you can use them at your home or your office very easily. Not to mention the portability, as good quality devices will have easy portability features.


So, whenever you are thinking about buying a light therapy device for yourself, make sure that you are getting the better quality ones so that you can get your expected result and get the best possible solution for the issues you are going through. Also, the quality might vary based on your preference for features, but there are a few things that you must make sure of before buying light therapy devices so that you can always get an objectively good quality light therapy device. These things are-


FDA Approval

The first thing you must check while buying a light therapy device is if that device has FDA approval. If a device has been reviewed and cleared by the FDA, then it means it has gone through strict guidelines imposed by the FDA in order to get the clearance and approval. This means the device is effective, and safe to use. You can go for them while buying a device.


Brand History and Warranty Service

For getting the best light therapy device you should go for good and renowned brands like the ones mentioned earlier, that have a history of manufacturing good quality products before. Also, the ones that have good customer service. This doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t try products of new and less famous brands, just make sure that they provide good customer service and offer a great warranty deal. Make sure of these things and you will get your hand on a good quality light therapy device.



Make sure to check the claims made by the brands about their products are backed by science, although FDA clearance can help you to know that. Know what a product is offering while buying a device and if it goes with your needs and preferences. Differentiating between multiple products might help to know what each one is offering. You also need to know how easily you can use the device at your home, and how durable it is. 


Treatment Options

Going for a device that provides multiple options is something you should do. There are devices in the market offering a single modality and treating only one condition. For instance, some devices only treat hair loss problems and other devices only treat injuries and wounds. But the best and most versatile devices offer treatments for a wide range of conditions nowadays as technology has become much advanced. You should look for a device that is cleared to treat the particular conditions that you are looking for, also something that treats the whole body, and something that the rest of your family can use too. So that you won’t need to purchase multiple devices for various conditions.


Final Words

If you go through the above-mentioned ways while buying a light therapy device for yourself, you will be able to point out the best quality ones based on your needs, and buy them to get the results per your expectations.